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The Future is connected and digital !

 About us

Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Blockchain technologies offer exciting new possibilities.

We  solve our Energy Problems, we decrease fatalities dramatically, we improve our global competitiveness.

Connected cars, connected industries and connected energy improve our lives.




Technologies help us to stay connected and to free ourselves from worry.

 About us

Digital Technologies today help us to stay connected with our friends.

The evolution of these technologies help us to care about our beloved ones.

 We can free our minds from worry about our assets and belongings.




We improve our business to stay competitive in a global market.

 About us

Digitization and Industry 4.0 helps our factories and industries to improve productivity.

Without these technologies we would fall behind competitors from abroad.

 Digitization is our supporter to reduce worries and stress in business.




Gorilla® Electronics helps to improve life and to reduce worries.

 About us

Future and Technology needs facilitators for implementing those into existing processes and methods.

Humans should concentrate on reducing worries at home .

 Business Leaders should concentrate on their core competence.

Gorilla Electronics helps to implement the new technologies.

"Internet of Things", "Blockchain" and "Industry 4.0".




Why did we decide to use the brand Gorilla® ?

 About us


On the one hand Gorilla stands for strength and power.

On the other side for tenderness, welfare and family.


 About us

Gorilla® Electronics GmbH