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About us

Your Gorilla® protects your home and your belongings

Your Gorilla® notifies you when something is wrong

We, the Gorilla Electronics GmbH try to implement these claims by distributing new types of electronic products.

With new ideas and a new approach the Gorilla® products intent to solve daily problems a little bit different than before.
Gorilla® products are sold throughout the European Union (EU-27) and Switzerland, Gorilla® is an European-wide registered and protected brand.

For us as a German company, the following principles are important for the production and marketing of our products: 

  1. The products have to meet our high Quality Requirements and shall be as reliable and valuable as possible.
  2. We want to turn ideas into electronic devices, to solve daily problems a little bit different than before.
  3. We want to help our customers to be well informed before buying our products and to have long-term enjoyment after buying our products. We also will help our customers with questions and issues.


Why did we decide to use the Brand "Gorilla"?

Gorillas are fascinating creatures and "Gorilla" is an extraordinary brand.

About us
On the one hand, Gorilla stands for

Strenght and Power 

and on the other hand for

Tenderness, Care and Family.
About us
About us
All humans know "Gorilla".

Spelling and pronunciation is similar in most countries.

About us
About us
All humans associate something with "Gorilla".

A word-mark is therefore sufficient.

About us

 About us