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Information for dealer and reseller

Dear Sir or Madam, 

what we stand for as a company and as a brand, you can see under the menu item "Gorilla" on this website. 

Our products are offered exclusively under the registered brand name "Gorilla" and have our own EAN code, and are therefore unique in Europe. 
The products are generally approved for use in the countries of the European Union (EU-27) as well as Switzerland and Norway, unless we explicitly point out in the product description a possibly limited approval.

Therefore, the products can be sold in the countries of the European Union, Switzerland and Norway. 
For you as a merchant, this results in the ability to market innovative and high quality products with a strong brand. 

For some countries, we also offer the possibility of temporary and renewable exclusive sales and distribution by you as a merchant. 

We have prepared a dealer price list and overview for you and are happy to sent this to you.
Simply send your email to Sales-Support Gorilla Electronics (

We would be delighted if you find it interesting to distribute our products in your country. 

Your team from Gorilla Electronics GmbH