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Fat fire in the kitchen

Thursday, February 26, 2015

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It happens every day in kitchens: You want to fry meat, provide a pan on the stove and put fat or oil into it. Once the fat or oil has reached a certain temperature, the meat is added.
Also this happens frequently: The phone rings or the doorbell, you go to the phone or door and leave the pan alone. Few minutes later the fat or oil in the pan ignites and creates a growing flame.

Often this dangerous situation is detected in time.
In this case, never try to extinguish the fire with water, because that immediately creates a so-called fat-explosion. In a fat-explosion, the water evaporates abruptly and atomizes the fat into tiny fat-drops, these ignite immediately, rise by the heat upwards and create a dangerous pillar of fire that spreads in all directions.
If the burning pan is detected in time, the pan should be covered immediately with a lid and then the stove should be shut off, to smother the fire and to interrupt the energy supply.

Reports from England speak of almost 20,000 residential fires caused by cooking, while 33 people were killed and over 4,000 people injured.

A short time after the flame has been ignited, it rolls over to the cooker hood. These are mostly metal mesh or filter mats soaked with grease, also a very good source for the flames.
Very soon the entire kitchen is in flames and creates not only smoke and flames, but also toxic gases, which can be life-threatening for people.

In this situation it is usually no longer possible to quench the fire and it makes more sense to save your own life, to leave the building and call the fire department.

Smoke detectors in kitchens do not solve this general problem, the manufacturers of smoke detectors do not recommend to install those in kitchens, because smoke detectors tend to frequent false alarms by frequent vapor emission in the kitchen. If a smoke detector is still installed, then it is usually too late when this alerts, because the kitchen is already on fire.

Gorilla Electronics GmbH is a German manufacturer of electronic equipment, which solve everyday problems a little bit than before.
In order to prevent the issue of fat-fires in kitchens, Gorilla Electronics has developed together with technology partners a completely new product called "Gorilla® stove", which recognizes a potential grease fire, before it can become dangerous.
A tiny, very easy to install unit (Gorilla-stove) warns with a penetrating alarm before a situation can become dangerous. Additionally, an associated switching unit (Gorilla-stove SwitchBox) interrupts the power supply to the stove and thus prevent a fat fire entirely.

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