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Product description - Gorilla compute

Protect your laptop from theft

Gorilla®- compute helps you to protect your laptop from theft.

You know steel cables and locks that can protect your laptop from theft, these are sometimes bulky, cumbersome and difficult to transport.
Gorilla®- compute is a new way to protect your laptop.

The principle

Gorilla®- compute is a small alarm for your laptop, which is lightweight, very easy to use and connects quiclky. Simply wrap the cable around the table leg or a secure object and plug it into the USB connector of your laptop. Then pull out the key and your laptop is secured.

Gorilla®- compute generates a loud alarm if someone pulls the USB security cable from the laptop or cuts the USB cable.

How it works

The integrated electronic monitoring circuit monitors the USB cable and notices if the cable is severed or if the USB plug is removed from the laptop. In this case, the built-in siren is activated, this siren is very loud, generates attention and also deters casual thieves.

The siren can only be switched off when the key is inserted again.

The siren turns off automatically after about 40 seconds.

The key alone is a technical marvel.

These keys look equal, but still they are different, only yourself with your own key is able to disarm your Gorilla®- compute .

Each key has a small chip infused, and therefore each key has its own security-code. At plug-in into the computer Gorilla®- compute reads and stores the security-code from the key. It only accepts that key, which has the identical key-code.

In case you loose your key, you could get a new one from Gorilla customer support. With the new key Gorilla®- compute works as secure as with the old key.

Acoustic Function Check

When the USB connector is plugged into the computer and when the key is removed, then Gorilla®- compute acknowledges this with a short acknowledgment tone, so you can be sure that everything works.

Computer Types, Operating Systems, On/Off

Gorilla®- compute works with all types of computers and with all known operating systems, it is important that the laptop has a standard USB connection.
The computer can also be switched on or switched off, in both cases Gorilla®- compute detects with a workable computer an attempted theft.

Your Gorilla®- compute in detail

Here you can see Gorilla®- compute in more detail. Included in the package is also an adapter to Mini-USB; if your netbook or notebook has a Mini-USB instead of a USB connector, then you can also use this jack for plugging in the device.

  1. Create a loop as shown and wrap it around a secure object.
  2. Plug the USB connector into the socket of your laptop, notebook or netbook.
    Gorilla®- compute acknowledges this with a short beep.
  3. Pull the key out and your computer is protected.
    Gorilla®- compute acknowledges this with a short beep.
  4. Before you pull the USB-plug out again from the computer, insert the key first.
  5. To disable an alarm, put the key back on.

Extending the cable

If you need a longer distance, you can extend the USB cable with standard USB extension cables.

Please make sure to use valuable and preferably "USB-certified" cable.
We recommend that you test the extension cord before use.

Additional Informations

More information can be found on the Gorilla website, under "Customer Service" you can find more links to useful YouTube videos, to "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" and you can download documents there.
Under "Where to buy" you can find information on where the products can be purchased.




Feature Technical data
Alarm-Volume >90dBA
Dimensions 65 mm diameter
26 mm thickness
Weight 115 g
Cable length 1,5 meter
Certifications CE, FCC
(already integrated)
LR44 Alkaline, 3x
The batteries last about 3 years.