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Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit

Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit

New product innovation  !

Finally we have the solution

against burning kitchens !

Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit

Our Innovation:
Gorilla®-stove Kit

The Gorilla® stove kit contains the intelligent overheating sensor "Gorilla® stove" and the associated switching unit "Gorilla® stove SwitchBox" in one box.

You can buy the products Gorilla®-stove and Gorilla®-stove SwitchBox one at a time or both together as a kit .
Also Gorilla®-stove Kit has 5 years warranty.

A brief overview of the problem and the solution.
(German language, English coming soon).

Works with your existing electrical stove at home

Gorilla®-stove Kit needs no intervention inside the electrical stove, the SwitchBox is switched like a breaker in-between the supply-cable of the electrical stove. Gorilla®-stove und Gorilla®-stove SwitchBox connect automatically without the need to install cable or similar.

What exactly does a stove guard do ?

Video: This independent test shows the difference between a stove with and without our Gorilla®-stove guard.

Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit

Every day

there are burning about

50 kitchens

in Great Britian !

Why does this happen ?
  • You are cooking food and go “quickly”
    - to the phone
    - to the front door
    - to the freezer
    - to the store room
  • Humans with dementia or memory disorder forget to switch off the stove.
  • Infants or pets switch on the stove accidentially.
Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit

Why do smoke detectors not help ?

  • Experts recommend not to use smoke detectors in kitchens.
    (frequent fals alarms)
  • When smoke detectors alert, the kitchen is already on fire.
  • Gorilla®-stove uses another system than smoke detectors.
  • The intelligent, learning temperature sensor alerts before a dangerous situation occurs.
Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit

"This does not happen to me, why should I need a Gorilla®-stove ?"

Consider the example "saftey belt":
  1. You do not expect a road accident.
  2. Still you fasten your safety belt.
  3. In a car crash the belt can safe lives.
  4. It is similar with a stove guard.
Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit

Statistics show:
   The stove guard is more important than the smoke detector

Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit

Gorilla wants to help to protect your kitchen and your home from possible fires.

We believe that Gorilla®-stove Kit is a good product because it will help to reduce the number of house fires, because it will help to avoid injury from fire and toxic gases and because it will help to save lives.

Further information can be found here (opens a new tab or window to the website of the content owner):

  1. Fire statistics Great Britain 2013 to 2014 from the British Government
    (English language; see also Figure 2.1 on page 28)
  2. Film of the "Institut für Schadenverhütung und Schadenforschung der öffentlichen Versicherer e.V. (IFS)"
    (German Language)
  3. Cooking Fires in Residential Buildings (2008-2010) from the USFA
    (English language)

Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit

Installation and operation

Your Gorilla® stove, the intelligent temperature sensors you can install yourself easily, see the product description for Gorilla®-stove.

The installation of your Gorilla®-stove SwitchBox you have to assign to a qualified electrician.

The electrician can also explain the device and what it offers to you.

Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit

For the experts: How it works

The two products Gorilla®-stove and Gorilla®-stove SwitchBox form together the Gorilla®-stove Kit.

Gorilla®-stove is sitting as a sensor under the cooker-hood and detects overheating, while Gorilla®-stove SwitchBox is installed by a certified installer behind the electrical cooker, observing the flow of electricity into the cooker and switching off the electricity if required.

A huge amount of tests with many different cooker-types have been performed to develop and optimise the technology of the Gorilla®-stove Kit, furthermore official tests have been performed by independent test institutes SINTEF and VTT, Finland.

Of course, Gorilla®-stove is not a guarantee against fire at the stove, but it reduces the risk of a stove fire significantly.

Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit

Easy guide

The intelligent temperature sensor "Gorilla®-stove" you can install and set itself, in 3 easy steps it is described in the "Quick Start Manual".

The installation of the switching unit "Gorilla®-stove SwitchBox" you have to assign to a qualified electrician, he can configure the device and also helps you to understand the device.

Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit

Immediate start

After you have purchased the Gorilla®-stove Kit, you can get started right away and install the intelligent temperature sensor Gorilla®-stove yourself.
With this you have immediately a first protection for your stove.

Then instruct a qualified electrician to install your stove Gorilla® SwitchBox and to configure it. The electrician can also explain the Gorilla®-stove SwitchBox and its configuration you.
Note that the Gorilla® stove SwitchBox must be installed by a certified electrician.
The price of the kit comes mainly from the switching unit, it must meet the strict safety regulations in Europe and is therefore more expensive.

More information

Please see also our professional articles in the section "Counselor" on our internet site.

Please see also our section "customer services".

List of all features

1. Overheating Monitor
With its built-in sensors Gorilla®-stove continuously monitors the stove surface and warns you before something dangerous happens. When the temperature rises too fast in the pan or the temperature is generally dangerously high, Gorilla®-stove asks you via short signal tones ( . . . . ), whether the situation is normal. If you are in a normal cooking situation, in this case press the device. Gorilla stove will stop beeping and adapts its parameters accordingly, so that it learns your unique cooking style and the specific environment; the result is a perfect setting for your stove’s heat sensor. If you do not do this, because you are not near the stove, then Gorilla®-stove warns of potetial danger for a minute via long beeps ( _ _ _ _ ) and Gorilla®-stove SwitchBox switches off the cooker and indicates this also.

2. “Cooker left on” Monitor
The “Cooker left on” Monitor identifies a cooker that has been accidentally left on by monitoring the adjustments of the burners over time. If a burner has been left on and no adjustments are made, then the cooker is turned off after an observation timer period between 1 hour and 3 hours, depending on the cooker type and the burner setting - the higher the setting the sooner the cooker is turned off. The “Cooker left on” Monitor does not start if the hotplate is on a low, no dangerous heat setting. Gorilla®-stove Switchbox indicates via short signal tones ( . . . . ), that he has most obviously detected a “cooker left on” incident and will switch off the cooker one minute later. If this is not the case, simply press Gorilla®-stove at the cooker-hood and the corresponding observation timer will restart.

3. Automatic fault diagnosis
The automatic fault diagnosis ensures that Gorilla®-stove Kit is working correctly. The diagnostic tool analyses regularly the function of Gorilla®-stove and Gorilla®-stove SwitchBox, and also the radio communication link between the devices. If the fault diagnosis detects an abnormality in the functioning of the system, the Gorilla®-stove SwitchBox will emit a fault signal and one minute later it will turn the cooker off. If the fault diagnosis is signalling ( . _ . _ ), press on Gorilla®-stove once during the first minute of the alarm. If this does not resolve the issue, double check that Gorilla®-stove is installed correctly and press it once. If this does not reset the alarm, turn all cooker knobs to ‘0’, then turn the electricity supply off for 15 seconds using the main switch or the cooker fuse. If the fault diagnosis alarm triggers again, contact the Gorilla customer care.

4. Gorilla-stove sensor fault diagnosis
This feature works together with the standard fault diagnosis, providing additional protection by identifying whether Gorilla®-stove has collected too much dirt or fat or is in some other way covered.

5. Acoustic Alarm Detection
(smoke-, carbon monoxide- and other alarms)
Gorilla®-stove SwitchBox identifies external (smoke and carbon monoxide) acoustic alarm signals using sound detection. An acoustic alarm signal emitted by an external alarm device can trigger Gorilla®-stove SwitchBox to turn the cooker off.

6. Extra features available for mechanical cookers
These features can be used in addition to all previously mentioned features. They are available for cookers with mechanical knobs that do not have internal electronics.

6.1 “Cooker left on +” Monitor
This feature offers upgraded protection for mechanical cookers identifying low- heat hazard scenarios, that are unable to produce a fire but can cause burns. The “Cooker left on +” Monitor follows hotplate heat adjustments, similar to the “Cooker left on” Monitor, but it is also able to identify low heat hazard scenarios (e.g. when a hotplate is on the lowest setting). “Cooker left on +” Monitor does not issue a pre-alarm signal prior to switching off the cooker.

6.2 Cooker knob Safety Lock
The Safety Lock ‘locks’ the cooker so that it cannot be turned on accidentally, by deactivating the cooker knobs (in some cookers the oven knobs are not deactivated). The cooker is activated by pressing Gorilla®-stove once. Gorilla®- stove SwitchBox emits two short beeps ( . . ) as the cooker is ready for use. The cooker is ‘locked’ 20 minutes after the last use has been detected by the system.

7. Connection to external safety systems and Tele-Care systems
The Gorilla®-stove SwitchBox contains an electrical interface, which can inform a connected external system about incidents, more information about this feature is described in additional documentation, which is available on the customer care website of Gorilla Electronics.


Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit

Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit

Product description Gorilla®-stove Kit



Features Technical Data
Alarm Volume 80dbA
Gorilla-stove temperature sensor
Gorilla-stove SwitchBox
94 x 40 x 30 mm
130 x 130 x 30 mm
Protected by patents FI.117526, FI.117878 Patent pending
EU standard EN 50615 Complies with the requirements of the new (draft) European standards
Approvals CE, SwitchBox also VDE